to be changed

You do not let us get comfortable.
We are too inclined to settle.
We become so familiar
with this place,
the ones we know,
the way we think about it all

that we are prone to stiffness,
quick to harden, given to resist.
Your breath, breath of Spirit inspired,
stirs movement, change,
while we use our energy
to plant feet, take a stand immovable,
clamp hands over ears and wrap chains ’round hearts
so that your whisper will not sway.

Out loud we reason our position
until it sounds right holy,
right practical, just right.
We are convinced and convincing,
but our righteousness
leaves us cold.

Our souls grow lean
as we try to hold our own,
brittle as we make our way.

God who spins the universe and turns the seasons,
God who patiently shapes and reshapes all of creation,

teach me to yield.

Turn me over and around in your hands

and ply out the stories I tell
to justify my resistance.
Work truth into my depths.

Where change is hard,
let me be soft.
Warmed by your touch,
shape my will to your own.

It is by your grace
and for your glory,
that I am willing
to be changed.

I ask that You let it be so.


rooted in You

From the place where You have put us,
we lift our prayers.

We lift the whole of our being to You

knowing that You sometimes plant
where ground is soft, sun warm,
rain gentle. Sometimes our prayer
springs heavenward with energy,
with vibrance, with ecstasy,
with joy.

And sometimes we fall hard.

Sometimes we reach for You
from barren ground, where the sun burns
and beats us down, where there is no
water to slake our thirst.

Sometimes our prayers are frail whispers,
faint breaths, pleas for mercy that rise
from broken hearts
to parched lips
to You.

Wherever we are borne, it is in You
that we take root. It is to your Light
we stretch or, before your Light,
we fall. It is in You, to You,
we grow and in some way
bring forth the fruit
of your graceful labor.

Help us to know
that whatever place You have chosen,
You love us.

Help us to know
that You tend us with care.

Help us to remember
that for your glory
and for your honor
we are planted in this place.

Lord, make us fruitful here.